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Loyalty Program

Welcome to our loyalty program!

Starting on June 22, 2020 we implemented a loyalty program where you can now earn 5% of your purchase back in credit to your online account AKA loyalty points!


We are so excited to be launching this program! You will now earn 5% back on your purchases in online credit! This will not apply to in-store purchases as our systems are completely different for now. (We get lots of questions about this but there is just not currently an option to merge the two but we are hoping one day there will be a way!!)


Here are a few details you should know about the loyalty points:

- If you are purchasing something using credit from your account, you will not earn loyalty points on that. 

- If you return an item that you received loyalty points from, the system will deduct those points from your account automatically upon return.

- If you purchase a gift card, you will receive loyalty points.

- If you make a purchase using a gift card, you will not receive loyalty points.

- If you waitlist authorize an item, you will receive points when the card is charged.


We will also be doing some double points days and other times that you will be able to earn even more Pink Tulip cash! We are so excited for these changes and hope you ladies love them as much as we do!


You will receive an email notifying you when the your earned credit AKA loyalty points hits your account! Earned points are given as online credit for use on the app and website only, it cannot be used in stores.